Previous Presidents of the Society


1819  Rev. William Farish, M.A. Magdalene College., Jacksonian Professor of Natural Philosophy.
1821  Rev. James Wood, D. D., Master of St. John's College.
1823  John Haviland, M. D. St. John's College., Regius Professor of Physic.
1825  Rev. James Cumming, M.A., Trinity College., Professor of Chemistry.
1827  Rev. John Kaye, D.D., Master of Christ's Collage and Bishop of Lincoln.
1829  Rev. Thomas Turton, D.D. St Catharine's College., Regius Professor of Divinity.
1831  Rev. Adam Sedgwick, M.A. Trinity College., Woodwardian Professor.
1833  Rev. Joshua King, M.A. Queens' College., President of Queens' College.
1835  Rev. William Clark, M.D. Trinity College., Professor of Anatomy.
1837  Rev. John Graham, D.D. Christ's College., Master of Christ's College.
1839  Rev. Will. Hodgson D.D. Peterhouse., Master of Peterhouse.
1841  Rev. Geo. Peacock, D.D. Trinity College., Lowndean Professor.
1843  Rev. William Whewell, D.D. Trinity College., Master of Trinity College.
1845  Rev. James Challis, M.A. Trinity College., Plumian Professor.
1847  Rev. Henry Philpott, D.D. St Catharine's College., Master of St Catharine's College.
1849  Rev. Robert Willis, M.A. Gonville & Caius College., Jacksonian Professor.
1851  William Hopkins, M.A. Peterhouse.
1853  Rev. Adam Sedgwick, M.A. Trinity College., Woodwardian Professor.
1855  Sir George Edward Paget, M.D. Charterhouse and Caius College.
1857  William Hallows Miller, M.D. St John's College., Professor of Mineralogy.
1859  Sir George Gabriel Stokes, M.A. Pembroke College., Lucasian Professor.
1861  John Couch Adams, M.A. Pembroke College., Lowndean Professor.
1863  William Hepworth Thompson, M.A. Trinity College., Regius Professor of Greek.
1865  Rev. Henry Wilkinson Cookson, D.D. Peterhouse., Master of Peterhouse.
1867  Rev. William Selwyn, D.D. St. John's College., Lady Margaret's Professor.
1869  Arthur Cayley, M.A. Trinity College., Sadleirian Professor.
1871  Sir George Murray Humphry, M.D. Downing College., Professor of Anatomy.
1873  Charles Cardale Babington, M.A. St John's College., Professor of Botany.
1875  James Clerk Maxwell, M.A. Trinity College., Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics.
1877  George Downing Liveing, M.A. St John's College., Professor of Chemistry.
1879  Alfred Newton, M.A. Magdalene College., Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy.
1881  Francis Maitland Balfour, M.A. Trinity College.
1882  James Whitbread Lee Glaisher, M.A. Trinity College.
1884  Michael Foster, M.A. Trinity College., Professor of Physiology.
1886  Rev. Coutts Trotter, M.A. Trinity College.
1888  John Willis Clark, M.A. Trinity College.
1890  Sir George Howard Darwin, Plumian Professor.
1892  Thomas McKenny Hughes, Professor of Geology.
1894  Sir Joseph John Thomson, Cavendish Professor.
1896  Francis Darwin, Reader in Botany.
1898  Sir Joseph Larmor, later Lucasian Professor.
1900  Alexander Macalister, Professor of Anatomy.
1902  Henry Frederick Baker, later Lowndean Professor.
1904  Harry Marshall Ward, Professor of Botany.
1906  Ernest William Hobson, later Sadleirian Professor.
1908  Adam Sedgwick, Professor of Zoology, 1907-1909.
1909  William Bateson, Professor of Biology.
1910  Sir George Darwin, Plumian Professor.
1912  Sir Arthur Everett Shipley, Master of Christ's and Reader in Zoology.
1914  Hugh Frank Newall, Director, Solar Physics Observatory.
1916  John Edward Marr, later Professor of Geology.
1918  Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, later Jacksonian Professor. (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1927)
1920  Sir Albert Charles Seward, Master of Downing and Professor of Botany.
1922  Charles Thomas Heycock, Reader in Metallurgy.
1924  James Thomas Wilson, Professor of Anatomy.
1926  Sir Horace Lamb, Rayleigh lecturer.
1928  George Udny Yule, Lecturer in Statistics.
1930  Frederick John Marrian Stratton, Professor of Astrophysics.
1931  Arthur Hutchinson, Master of Pembroke and Professor of Mineralogy.
1933  Sir Joseph Barcroft, Professor of Physiology.
1935  Francis William Aston, Trinity College, Mass-spectrographer. (Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1922)
1937  Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, Professor of Biochemistry.
1939  William Hobson Mills, Reader in Stereochemistry.
1941  Sir James Gray, Professor of Zoology.
1943  Sir Eric Keightley Rideal, Professor of Colloid Science.
1945  Frederick Tom Brooks, Professor of Botany.
1947  Sir William Vallance Douglas Hodge, Lowndean Professor.
1949  William Bernard Robinson King, Professor of Geology.
1951  Harry Julius Emeléus, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry.
1953  Edgar Charles Bate-Smith, Director, Low Temperature Research Station.
1955  Francis John Worsley Roughton, Professor of Colloid Science.
1957  Frank Philip Bowden, later Professor of Surface Physics.
1959  Edred John Henry Corner Corner, later Professor of Tropical Botany.
1961  F. P. White, St. John's College, Lecturer in Mathematics.
1963  Edward Nevill Willmer, later Professor of Histology.
1965  Sir Rudolph Albert Peters, formerly Professor of Biochemistry, University of Oxford.
1967   Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor, formerly Royal Society Research Professor.
1968  John Ashworth Ratcliffe, formerly Reader in Ionospheric Physics.
1970  George Salt, Entomologist and Ecologist.
1972  R C Evans
1975  Dame Honor B Fell, Zoologist. (The first woman to be President)
1977  John Charles Burkill, Mathematician.
1979  Sir Gordon Brims Black McIvor Sutherland, Physicist.
1981  Harry Blackmore Whittington, Palaeontologist.
1983  Professor Donald Lynden-Bell, Theoretical astrophysicist
1985  Professor Hermann Lehmann, Physician and Biochemist.
1986  Professor Amyand David Buckingham, Chemist.
1988  Professor William Austyn Mair, Francis Mond Professor of Aeronautical Engineering.
1990  Dr Peter John Grubb, Ecologist and Emeritus Professor of Botany.
1992  Professor Peter Gray, Chemist and formerly Master of Gonville and Caius College.
1994  Professor Paul Patrick Gordon Bateson, Biologist.
1996  Sir Samuel Frederick Edwards, Physicist.
1998  Dr Alan James Munro, Immunologist.
2000  Professor Archibald Howie, Physicist.
2002  Professor Timothy M Cox, Professor of Medicine.
2004  Professor Haroon Ahmed, Microelectronics and Electrical Engineering, formerly Master of Corpus Christi College.
2006  Professor Timothy John Pedley, Mathematician and former G. I. Taylor Professor of Fluid Mechanics.
2008  Professor Alan William Cuthbert, Sheild Professor of Pharmacology 1979-1999.
2010  Professor Alison Gail Smith, Professor of Plant Biochemistry.
2012  Professor John Dixon Mollon, Visual Neuroscience.
2014  Professor Christopher L.-H. Huang, Professor of Cell Physiology.
2016  Professor Jim Woodhouse, Mechanics, Materials and Design.
2018  Professor Simon Conway Morris, Palaeontologist and Evolutionary Biologist.
2020  Professor Ron Horgan, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.
2022 Dr Claire Barlow, Department of Engineering.


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