The William Bate Hardy Prize following are the Regulations for the WILLIAM BATE HARDY PRIZE founded in memory of SIR WILLIAM BATE HARDY (1864-1934)

1. That the Prize be called "THE WILLIAM BATE HARDY PRIZE"

2. That this Prize be adjudged once in three years.

3. That it be adjudged for the best original memoir, investigation or discovery by a member of the University of Cambridge in connexion with Biological Science that may have been published during the three years immediately preceding, but that the adjudicators be at liberty, if it seem to them advisable in any particular case, to award the Prize for a memoir, investigation or discovery which has not been published within the fore mentioned period.

4. That the Prize be adjudged by three Fellows of the Society, nominated by the Council of the Society for each occasion.

5. That, in the event of any difficulty arising in carrying out the above provisions in any particular instance, either from lack of a prize-subject of sufficient merit, or from any other cause, the Council be at liberty not to award the Prize or to award it to someone not a member of the University.

6. That the value of the Prize be £200, or such sum as shall from time to time be determined by the Council payable from the general funds of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.

Award of the William Bate Hardy Prize

1965 - H. E. HUXLEY



1974 - F. SANGER


1981 - C. Milstein

1983 - J.B. Gurdon

1987 - M.J. BERRIDGE

1990 - A. Surani

1992 - J. White & M. Evans

1995 - Sir A. Klug & N.B. Davies (shared)

1999 - T.H. Clutton-Brock & A. Wyllie (shared)

2001 Michael Neuberger and James Cuthbert Smith (shared)

2004 - Andrea Brand and Robin Irvine (shared)

2010 - Beverley Glover, Dr Peter Forster and Simon Conway Morris

2013 - S. Nik-Zainal


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