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Membership of the Society is made up of Honorary Members and Fellows (also known as “members”). Anyone who would like to become a Fellow must be recommended by an existing Fellow (the “proposer”) of the society (who has been a Fellow for at least three years) and a person of appropriate standing (the “supporter”), who knows the candidate personally in a professional content. Approved candidates are elected at open meetings of the Society following proposal at Council Meetings.

Completed membership application forms should be submitted with electronic signatures by a .pdf attachment to the Society’s email at  The proposer and the supporter must be included as copy recipients in the email when submitting your membership application form as a .pdf to validate their signatures.

Please note that your membership of the Society will commence the date you pay your first subscription of £20.  

Subscriptions can be paid by a bank transfer to the Society's bank account, (please refer to the Subscription form below for bank details), cheque or standing order.  If paying by bank transfer, please send an email to to confirm when you have paid and the reference you have used (ie surname or your CSRid), this will enable us to trace your payment on our bank statement. 

Fellows pay an annual subscription of £20, due in advance on 1 January each year. If you are elected in the Michaelmas Term, in any year, you will not be required to pay the subscription which became due on the preceding 1 January.  A Fellow, or Fellow-elect, may compound for all annual subscriptions with a payment of £150.  A Fellow of ten years' standing may compound for all future annual subscriptions with a payment of £100.

A Fellow may choose to receive either Mathematical Proceedings or Biological Reviews on payment of a sum determined by the Council and approved at a General Meeting.  From 1 January 2005 the sum was £30 for Mathematical Proceedings and £15 per annum for Biological Reviews. If a Fellow is a registered Graduate Student, resident in Cambridge on 1 January of any year, there is no additional charge, for that year, for whichever of our journals is deemed relevant by their Supervisor. In these cases, the journal will be delivered to their College or Department for Mathematical Proceedings and by online access for Biological Reviews by request to the Executive Secretary.

A Fellow who has reached the aged of 67 and has been a Fellow for 25 years may request the Council to remit future subscriptions. Any Fellow wishing to take advantage of this bye-law should contact the Executive Secretary.

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