1819 to 2019 – 200 years of the Cambridge Philosophical Society

Welcome to the Cambridge Philosophical Society. This is our 200th Anniversary year and to mark the occasion we’ve organised a series of events to celebrate the achievements of both our remarkable founders and the extraordinary thinkers and ideas that have found a platform within the Society over the decades. We have a brilliantly curated exhibition at the University Library, a themed two-day meeting, “The Futures of Sciences” as well as our regular series of diverse and though-provoking public lectures. All these events are free to all, with no booking necessary. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Spirit of Inquiry – how one extraordinary society shaped modern science

Today, Cambridge is recognised as a world-leading centre for science, but it wasn’t always so. In her new book The Spirit of Inquiry, Susannah Gibson looks at how science in Cambridge developed thanks to the work of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, and tells of the ground-breaking research presented at its meetings over the last 200 years, from Charles Darwin’s Beagle letters to Lawrence Bragg’s x-ray crystallography.

Promoting Scientific Inquiry

Founded in 1819 'for the purpose of promoting scientific inquiry'

The Cambridge Philosophical Society is an exciting hub for the promotion of scientific research, discussion and learning. From our flagship Henslow Fellowships and research grants to our world-class journals and free public lectures, the Society is committed to promoting access to the sciences both within Cambridge and far beyond. And having reached our 200th year, we’re already looking forward to exploring the ideas and discoveries that will shape the world over the next two centuries.

Lectures & Events


The Futures of Medicine - One Day meeting


HONORARY FELLOWS LECTURE - Professor David Baulcombe FRS- title to be confirmed


G I TAYLOR LECTURE - title to be confirmed