The stones that built Cambridge

Members explore the impressive John Watson Building Stones Collection housed in the former Museum of Economic Geology at the Department of Earth Sciences.

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Image:Humanity’s quest to discover the origins of life in the universe

06 March

Humanity’s quest to discover the origins of life in the universe

Dr Emily Mitchell, Assistant Professor and Curator of Invertebrates in the Department of Zoology, Cambridge and previous Henslow Fellow recently gave a talk at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting in Washington DC on the Origins of Life: Humanity’s Quest to Discover the Nature of Life in the Universe.

Image:Cosmic Wonder

13 January

Cosmic Wonder

Cambridge researchers create tetrataenite rare-earth-free magnets in the laboratory, which could help in the transition to low-carbon technologies.

Image:History beneath our feet

02 August

History beneath our feet

Society Fellow in Earth Sciences, Professor Marian Holness explores the geological and social history of cobbles at Trinity College Cambridge.

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Professor Ewan St. John Smith

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