Tracing the origins of the coronavirus pandemic using phylogenetic network analysis

Dr Peter Forster, known for his work on phylogenetic network analysis discusses the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. In the 1990s phylogenetic network analysis allowed the reconstruction of mankind's prehistoric colonisation of the planet from an African origin. In early 2020 Dr Foster and his team applied the technique to tracing the origins of the current coronavirus pandemic.

在 1990 年代,家譜網絡分析讓我們重建人类从非洲起源的史前殖民。 2020 年初,我們應用該技術來追踪當前冠狀病毒大流行的起源。 

This lecture is an update of Phylogenetic network analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes. Peter Forster, Lucy Forster, Colin Renfrew, and Michael Forster. PNAS April 28, 2020 117 (17) 9241-9243.

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