Henslow Fellows

Along side travel grants and research funding, the Society regularly sponsors three-year Research Fellowships, “Henslow Fellowships”, in the fields of Natural Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and Clinical Sciences.  The Henslow Fellowships are named in honour of John Stevens Henslow, Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge and co-founder of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. The Fellowships are awarded to selected colleges to augment research fellowship provision within colleges, rather than to substitute for existing schemes. Find out more about Henslow Fellowships and how to apply here.

Meet our current Henslow Fellows

Dr Alex Liu
Dr Sean Collins
Dr Arne Jungwirth
Dr Emily Mitchell
Dr Sarah Morgan


1 February 2019 - deadline for receipt of Travel Grant applications

31 March 2019 - deadline for receipt of Research Studentship applications